Female Papillons


Marquis Court’s Mercedes


DOB:  1-13-2013
Weight:  7 lbs

Mercedes is such a smart, playful, sweet and Gorgeous Papillon. She comes from the BEST bloodlines world wide. Take a look at her pedigree and it will speak for itself

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Nata Nataly Golden Amber


DOB:  11-19-2010
Weight:  5 lbs

Nata Nataly Golden Amber was imported for Riga Latvia, is a Champion of many countries and LOVES the show ring!!!  She has the most wonderful personality and loves being a princess!!!  She prefers to sit on your lap and have the brush run through her hair.  She never ever makes a mis step.  She is perfectly behaved at all times and would prefer that she stays clean and ready to go to a show at a moments notice.  When she is ring side she sits like the Latvian Princess she is.  When she enters the ring she throws her head back and struts her stuff like she KNOWS she’s the best in there!!!!  It is such a pleasure to take anywhere!!!!  She is an absolute delight!!!!

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Blue Mountain Acre’s Sings a Melody


DOB:  12-6-2015
Weight: 5 lbs

Melody is a beautiful young female that is soooooo SWEET!!  She is extremely playful but also loves to spend her fair share cuddling.  She is so very smart and has the most beautiful large, butterfly ears.  Her pedigree includes many Champions, Grand Champions and international Grand Champions.

See Pedigree

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